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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to nominate Danielson Lodge #1706 Elk of the Year, Frank Hegedus for State Elk of the Year. Although most of the people involved in the Connecticut Elks Association know Frank very well, I will discuss his qualifications and my reasons for choosing him as Lodge Elk of the Year for those who may not.

Frank has been a very active member of Danielson Lodge since June 16, 1970. He served as Treasurer from 1980 through 1984, Exalted Ruler in the 1984-85 lodge year and then back to Treasurer from 1985 through 1997. He was elected Secretary in 1997 and served in that capacity until 2010. Frank has also served at the Lodge level on the House and Bar Committee, the Board of Trustees and many various fundraising committees, including Chairman of the Elks National Foundation Committee. He reached the Honorary Founder level in 1986. Frank has been involved in many Ritual Contests, both as a participant and as our coach of many years. If anyone in the lodge has any question Elk related they ask Frank. We lovingly refer to him as “Mr. Elk”. He still serves as ritual coach; he trained our Officer of the Year, Darlene Blain to be as competent a Secretary as himself and continues to be her mentor. He now serves on our Auditing Committee and is running the Installation program for our incoming Exalted Ruler. In short, Frank has been committed to our Lodge since before many of us remembers and continues to be our go-to-guy.

At the State level he was appointed as Sergeant at Arms in 1993 and has served as both District and State Chairman for the Elks National Foundation Committee and the Ritualistic Committee. Frank went on to serve at the National level as District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler of CT East for the 1997-98 lodge year. He also served as President of CT PER Association in 1999. Frank became Vice President East in June of 2001 and served as State President in 2005-06. He was also instrumental in spearheading the CLEMS program throughout the Lodges in Connecticut.

As Frank has served the majority of his years in Elkdom as an officer, he was not eligible to receive the Elk of the Year award in the past. It is truly my honor and privilege to be the lucky Exalted Ruler who gets to recognize Frank Hegedus, for his numerous years of dedication and service to the Order and recommend him for the State award as well.


Loni J. Wright, Exalted Ruler

It is my pleasure to inform you that Frank Hegedus, PDD, PSP, SEOY has been selected as State Elk of the Year! Below is the nomination letter which was submitted by Loni J. Wright, PER.

This message is written perhaps a month or two late, but in retrospect it is actually written in a timely manner. During our Lodge Installation of Officers Ceremony, now Junior Past Exalted Ruler, Loni Wright announced her choice for Elk of the Year for 2011-2012, which was a huge surprise to me and one that I will long cherish. For that award I was immensely grateful and proud, but to top things off, she then submitted my name as an Applicant for the Connecticut State Elk of the Year award. I was extremely shocked and surprised to have been selected as the recipient of this award, which has been received by only two other members of our Lodge over the past several years. To say the least I was dumbfounded. I wish to thank her for the consideration and am humbly pleased to have been honored as being both Elk of the Year for our Lodge and as State Elk of the Year. I would also like to thank all those who have congratulated me for receiving these honors. The accolades have been very much appreciated. Thanks also to my wife, Loretta and my kids, for standing by me all the many years leading up to receiving these awards.


Frank Hegedus, PDD, PSP, SEOY

I will offer to any Elk member in good standing, FREE Notary services. The towns covered for this service are Killingly and Brooklyn Connecticut. Contact me, Russell Boulet by leaving a note at the Lodge or seeing me on Friday evening.



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               Jennifer R Loring
                  Exalted Ruler
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The Lodge will hold a 9-11 Remembrance Ceremony at 6:00 PM in Davis Park on September, 11th. Several of the area’s fire and emergency response teams will be in attendance.   Appoximately 250 American citizens attended to mourn the loss of 3,497 innocent people who were murdered by coward terrorists in the worst single-day attack we have ever seen on American soil.
The 10th Annual PER scramble was held again at the Harrisville Golf Course on Friday, the 2nd of August. Of our 32 living PERs 14 of them participated in the nine hole round of golf plus an invited Guest PER from Manchester Lodge. For several of our PERs it was their once a year round. This year’s format was change to a 3 person scramble. The weather was just great compared to last year. The tournament was won by Luke Gendreau (the younger one) with his partners, once Debbie Barta and Ricky Siemiatkoski with a score of 2 under par. Following the match the players returned to the Lodge to enjoy pizza, card playing and beverages. A great time was had by all.

Jennifer was born on June 13, 1967 in New Britain, Connecticut. She and her family moved to Bristol in 1978 where she attended Bristol Eastern High School and graduated in 1985. In 1990 she moved to Massachusetts and has worked in various professions including restaurants, customer service and also as an executive secretary.
In 1994, she became a piano teacher while attending Worcester State College. In May of 2000, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Jennifer enjoys her job in Massachusetts where she has been teaching fifth grade social studies and Language Arts for thirteen years. She earned her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Framingham State College in 2008.
Jennifer is the daughter of Rita and Franklin Loring and is the youngest of three children. In addition to her brother, Paul, and her sister, Becky, she is also the proud Aunt to her nephew, Jacob.
Jennifer was initiated into the order on PER night in 2008, and she became Inner Guard at the end of that year. She has also chaired many committees including Public Relations and, her favorite, Americanism. She has made many friends during her time with Elks both within the Lodge and across the state. The pride she takes in being an Elk cannot be overstated. She is especially proud to be a member and officer of Danielson Lodge and looks forward to the year ahead.
It is her goal to continue to carry on the traditions of Danielson Lodge and to maintain its good reputation in the community. Among her goals are to foster a patriotic spirit within the community, and to work even more extensively with the community’s youth She is proud to be your Exalted Ruler this year and is grateful for the confidence the Lodge has placed in her. She knows that with the help of the membership, she and her officers will have a successful year.